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Nov. 13, 2021

A Thousand Suns - Dream Journal

A Thousand Suns - Dream Journal

Have you ever had a dream that inspired you to search the web upon waking?

This dream journey has me doing that.  Just woke up from a Saturday nap.

Q: What kind of research is there related to this topic?

Q: Is anything like I dreamed out there in real life?

Q: Have other people had a similar dream?

It is winter outside and a clear crisp 30* Fahrenheit day.

I'm in a grand balcony of a science observatory with a small group of friends.

We could look up and the ceiling is 3 stories above us like at an airport.

At the top of a wide staircase to the main floor we stopped to chat and gaze over the balcony at the exhibits on the main floor.

There is a sightseeing metal telescope next to the staircase.

The telescope eyepiece is at head level and the exhibit has an audio recording that starts when you get within one foot of it.

"It's like staring in to a thousand suns." Is what I hear it say, and that catches my interest.

As I get closer the description plaque reads, "What is it like to die?"

Wow! Okay! Now I'm definitely going to try this tourist attraction.

I start to look at the telescope eyepiece closer and it has fluorescent optic thread cables weaved through it.

It is embedded with a simulated human nervous system. The optic threads are lit up so you can see the simulation electric signals that go through the body and look in the telescope to see the "light at the end of the tunnel."

It's the cliche light at the end of the tunnel that is spoken of as the last thing people see when they pass away in a situation that provides that.

I then put both hands on the tourist style telescope like you'd do at the statue of liberty and look in.

The audio recording starts to talk about the electrical signals and associated processes our bodies experience during this light and tunnel moment.

The visuals inside the telescope have me flying through space into one of the suns floating in or beyond our universe.

Black space, other moons, planets and beautiful gas clouds are all around me.

The narrator speaks of energy and how the process never dies.  It continues as the viewers energy is transferred into the next adventure as I stare into the light of a thousand suns.


Photographer: Matt Barnes