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Jenny Mannion

We are born so precious, frail on the outside but deeply connected to our soul self. As we grow we are “taught” to hide away our uniqueness so we can fit into society.

We all have had our fair share of trauma, joys, and experiences that have shaped us and in many cases have dimmed the ease of communicating to our soul.

We have these stories that define us but I am here to show you that it doesn’t have to any longer.

You may have done so much work on yourself, have healed areas of your life, and really experienced those areas shift and move forward.

Perhaps you’ve done work on relationships, finances, health, or how you deal with emotions. But most people have not truly been able to Re-Awaken that sense of wonder and connectivity they had as a child in every part of their lives.

That is where I come in with a Loving, healing embrace. Using Love as a fundamental healing source to support you in healing at the root.

Imagine being embraced with pure unconditional healing love every single day of the year! Now you can with my new Love365 mobile and desktop app. You’ll receive my daily HEALING love notes right on your phone or compute

Nov. 11, 2021

Jenny Mannion-Spiritual Healer, Energy worker and great counselor

I know that fast change is possible not only because I healed myself of 7 years of chronic illness and dis-ease in three weeks, b…

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