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Angie Monko

I help to empower women in relationships to be Loving Self-Advocates, especially when they are going throug a difficult life transition, like divorce or loss of someone they love. This shift to healing the heart is badly needed in women, to arrest the unhealthy aspect of people-pleasing, and help women to be confident in having those tough conversations.

We know that women are suffering and in pain whether they are talking about it or not. In fact, NOT having these real and heartfelt conversations about what's REALLY going on for us creates illness in the body. To heal from trauma, we must have a felt sense of safety in the body FIRST, then get support knowing someone has our back, and then finally we can be creative and joyful and grow into the best version of ourselves. But it has to happen in that sequence. As women, we tend to plough through our feelings by staying busy and then we wake up one day and feel exhausted, burnt out and wondering what happened to us.