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Cris Agafi-soul-business partner

“I’d always felt I had to leave myself and become someone I was not, just to please those around me. From never standing up to bullies in my early teens, to neglecting my personal life and career dreams to please others, I suppressed and numbed my emotions.

For years, I felt like I never really knew myself. Feeling unclear, uncertain, confused, and lost, I bounced from career to career trying to find my place, and myself. Letting external voices dampen my dreams of pursuing my passions, I completely muted my intuition, my voice, and my true guiding light.

When Madalina and I started our relationship and life together, I came in with my perfectly wrapped package of patterns of people-pleasing, low self-worth, self-sabotage, and inauthentic ways of being, and so did she. That was until Madalina embarked on her journey of healing.

I watched in awe as she began shedding these layers, blooming into what was soon revealed as her most powerful, wise, intuitive, authentic self. The more I saw her connect with herself and her heart, the more I was inspired to look within myself.

With my hunger to unravel the intricacies of what makes us human, what drives people down an inauthentic path, and how to distinguish between our heart’s desires and our ego’s attachments, I immersed myself in as many programs, books, and resources as possible. And, through taking heart-aligned action and coming back to myself, I soon found a new sense of power and freedom within.

Over a decade later, from this expansive space of authenticity and alignment, I’m excited to share all that Madalina and I have learned with you, so you too can discover the infinite possibilities of life when we live with heart intelligence.”