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John R Cole- Artist and Speaker

John is retired Coast Guard who served for 35-years on active duty in both the enlisted and officer corps. He is now a full time artist who uses his talents to bring joy into the lives of others.

He is best known for his dot painting pet portraits, a unique pointillistic style used to capture our beloved companions on painted tile.

When not creating with paint, brush, cloth, or pyrography, he is writing. He has self-published more than 14 books including two travelogs, a graphic novel, and multiple genealogies.

He will appear in the anthology "Behind the Power: You’re Not Crazy, You’re Powerful" by Allyson Roberts coming in the fall of 2022.
He is also creator of the YouTube animated series The Boy.

He holds an AAS, BS, and MS in Information Technology, a graduate certificate in Projects and Programs, and soon Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design (Dec 2022).