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Mari Beckman, An amazing spiritual communicator and Healer

Mari Beckman is a psychic, medium, master galactic healer, channel, author, teacher and host of the "Metaphysical Meltdown" podcast from Tacoma, WA.

"I am a direct channel of spirit and my higher self. During a session, I tap into your energetic body and work with your higher self and your angels, guides and divine beings to clear energetic blockages, adjust posture, assess pain and life issues past and present. During the healing, the chakras are balanced and the auric field is cleared. I am able to contact souls on the other side and review past lives."

​Each healing, clearing and reading session lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

To book a reading or healing with Mari, or for more information, please text or call 206-291-6047.