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Sandy Stamato- The queen of the Limb Dwellers!

Why Partner with your Inner Critic?

Here's the game changer. If you only listen to the loudest voices - the saboteurs - you will miss out on the quieter, wiser voices. Partnering with your inner critic is how you begin to STOP THE MADNESS

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It can be crazy making. But, you are not crazy. It's normal and human. We all have different parts of our personalities that have opinions. It's almost like a rowdy board of directors.

Inner Critic Fatigue? It's a thing. Whether you are a boss, solopreneur, or salesperson trying to make your quota, that inner critic, and it's fellow saboteurs, can be brutal.

Here's the tricky part. Most of us are so used to hearing our saboteurs and their lies that we believe them wholeheartedly